What is a voice of the child interview?

In my practice, whenever there are children involved in a separation or divorce I always request that the child goes for a voice of the child interview (depending on age). One reason being is that a child has the right to have their voice heard in…

What are your families plans for the December holidays?

  Christmas or the December holidays is a time for celebrations  and spending it with family and friends. However, many parents that have separated or divorced find it difficult to agree on what arrangements are best for the children…

Co-Parenting: Have you identified the best method to effectively communicate with one another?

In my previous blog titled Is your child’s contact schedule in their best interests?  I mentioned that as co-parents you need to identify the best method to effectively communicate with one another.  Why? Because even though your marriage…

Is your child’s contact schedule in their best interests?

Coordinating contact schedules, splitting holidays and rearranging children between homes isn't easy. Contact schedules are one of the major challenges for separated parents as it is a common area for conflict.
Parenting plan

Do you have a parenting plan in place?

A parenting plan is NOT a Settlement Agreement. A parenting plan determines any matter in connection with parental responsibilities and rights, such as residence, maintenance, contact, schooling, healthcare, religion. It outlines how parents will raise their child/ren after separation or divorce.
Family Mediation dicvorce

What is family and divorce mediation?

I decided to start this blog to help raise awareness and an understanding around what family and divorce mediation is,  when and why you should choose to mediate and how it could help you and your family. I have so much to share with you,…